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Amico, 1/20 10k G on S
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Cliff Presley Collection
This is not one of the commonly seen post-1963 USN/USMC Parachutist wing badges approved in BuPers Notice 1020 of 12 July 1963. The very special (unofficial) badge seen in these photos was actually made during World War II.

In the latter half of WWII, graduates of the USN Parachute Rigger School, Lakehurst, NJ were awarded this unofficial badge by AMICO. Also during World War II members of the USMC 1st Parachute Battalion wore the same AMICO badge in the Pacific Theater because they thought it looked more appropriate on their uniform than one of the officially approved 1 1/2-inch wide U. S. Army type Basic Parachutist badges made of silver.

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