Lithuania Air Force - Honor Pilot

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Lithuania declared its independence from the Russian empire on February 16th, 1918. It immediately established the Lithuanian army that incorporated an aviation company. This company became an independent military unit on March 12, 1919, which is considered the birthday of the Lithuanian air force. In 1940, the Lithuanian air force consisted of eight squadrons with 117 aircraft and 230 pilots. This small force was subsequently taken over by the Soviet Union and was not re-established as an independent force until 1992.

The Lithuanian air force pilot qualification badge consisted of a winged pair of crossed swords surmounted by the Vytis, or double, cross. They were embroidered in silver bullion or white silk thread on black melton wool.

Another pilot badge known as the “Wings of Steel” were given as honorary badges. These were made of .900 silver (marked) and featured highly stylized riveted feathers surmounted by a white enamel Vytis cross.

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Lithuania air force honorary pilot badge
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