Estonian Air Force

In august 1939 Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany made pact for dividing the interest and supporting each other: Baltic states were given into "sphere of interest" of Soviet Russia. Soviets occupied Estonia de facto already in Spetember 1939 (first stage) and finally in 1940, when puppet government asked permission for accession with Soviet Union. Of course, it was not the true will of people but made by the puppet government and brutally forced by Soviet Union military. In end of 1939 (when Estonia was still short time formally independent) soviets start destroy our people and state structures. What concernes Estonian military, then equipment was given to the soviet troops, most of the officers arrested and deported to prison camps / Siberia or shot here. Basically same scenario happend with our neighbours Latvia and Lithuania.

So during of WW2 battles Estonian Air Forces could not take part, because they were liquidated (during opening battles in Poland we had our Air Forces, but shortly after Poland suffered attack we were occupied). I know, that many Estonians fight during WW 2 as pilots both on Soviet side and Nazi side and that many Estonian units in Nazi army had their own "internal" insignias too. We have one association for old military aviation veterans and I have once seen their symbol (owl with bomb) and a pictures about their "internal" insignias during WW 2.

So, here are the promised links for websites about our air forces and history:


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