Links - An awesome site dedicated to AAF A-2 jackets and caps. Lots of general information on the AAF as well. Great site and originator of the AAF logo used on these pages! - A fabulous site for you patch collectors. Wonderful images and excellent information on all aspects of patches of WW2. - If you know about Mustangs, you know about "Bud" Anderson. Here's his site with some awesome photography and great information about the man and his life. And no, he wasn't Chuck Yeager's wing man. - A wonderful site if you're into British aviation history. Wings, caps, uniforms and more from the Royal Flying Corps to today. The site is run by Hylton Routledge who has provided some wonderful images for this site. - A great site dedicated to collecting W.W. II War Badges of the Third Reich. There's a section for the Luftwaffe as well as the other branches of the German military. Well worth a visit - Patrick Frost's web site dedicated to his wing collection and the hobby. He has some very nice images and good tips for beginners. A very nice site. - Visit the Warhawk Air Museum in Idaho

Plane Fun - Visit a marvelous collection of airplane models built by one of this site's major contributors. These models are beautifully done and decorated with the input of the veterans who actually flew the planes.

The World of Military Wings - Visit Chris Langley's site dedicated to the Herculean effort to catalog wings from all countries and all time periods.

Wing Collector - Jaime Rojo's collection of commercial and military wings.

JF Patches - Jean-Francois Chalifoux's collection of RCAF and CAF patches and wings.

History Lookback: Army Nurse Corps

The Army Nurse Corps in World War II