Chilean Air Force - Pilot

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The Chilean Air Force was iniitally formed as a separate force in 1930, initially named Fuerza Aerea Nacional (National Air Force). It was later named Fuerza AĆ©rea de Chile (FACh). Chile, which had strong ties to Germany prior to the war, remained neutral and only declaring with the Allies in April of 1945. The wing insignia of the WWII period featured a metal stamped pair of wings and laurel wreath with a central star for aviators. These were mounted to a very substantial bakelite (a form of plastic) backing and mounted with two screwposts. (FYI, more common all metal and enamel wings came in the 1950s and onward).
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Tod Rathbone Collection
Chile military aviator, flight qualified (Operationally qualified pilots wore a red background wing)
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